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A story of fortune cookies

In 1998 we had finished a great dinner at Panda House, and were cracking open our fortune cookies, when the idea struck: "Hey, I wonder if there are any web sites where you can send virtual fortune cookies to friends?"

We checked: nope; we searched the Internet high and low, but nobody was providing such a thing. So, we decided to make a site to fill the void, and the brainstorming began.

What we settled on would be a unique greeting card, with a personalized message and a picture of a fortune cookie -- there could be different pictures of fortune cookies for people to choose from -- and the recipient would click to the picture "crack open" the fortune cookie, jumping the screen to a picture of a broken cookie along with the recipient's fortune. broken fortune cookie picture

One weekend we took a break from computer science assignments and coded the basic web site. We believe this was the first, "the original" virtual fortune cookie greeting cards site on the web.

Other ideas for unique greeting cards followed, and the concept expanded to a larger card site. Years later, we still keep the site up and running, enabling people to send virtual fortune cookies through our site, for free. To send your own virtual fortune cookie to a friend, the first step is to choose a category from our database of fortunes. To begin, make your selection at right.

Fortune cookies not your thing? You can find a while range of unique greeting cards at including send - a - joke, snow globes that really snow, famous quotations, and more. We also created a free java games site where you can play free java games online including Sudoku, Mahjongg, Chinese Checkers, and more.

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